Fashion, personalized by your personality

PSYKHE is a shopping platform where you can see products from all your favorite brands matched to your personality.

To request access, sign up and take our personality test and discover your style sense of self.

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“New e-commerce platform PSYKHE makes recommendations based on personality traits by identifying both user and products.”

“Each user sees a different storefront that becomes increasingly personalized.”

“Clothes have qualities that we seek for psychological pay-off. It’s why one outfit makes us feel electric and another feels wrong.”

Discover why you wear what you wear

Self-knowledge is the antidote to mindless overconsumption.

Use our psychology-powered AI to find pieces that are really you. Buy less pieces you’re not sure about. More that you love.


How PSYKHE Works

  • You take the test

    In under 3 minutes, you’ll complete the Big Five test, the most respected measure of personality within psychology,

  • We create your personality profile based on 5 key traits

    You'll receive the results of your unique Big 5 personality profile, key to understanding your personal style.

  • Our algorithm uses your personality scores to tailor fashion recommendations

    Our AI goes through all leading fashion retailers to pick out your best fashion matches, so you don't have to browse through pages of stuff.

  • You can also shop by mood, create custom lists, and tune your feed

    You can tweak your results according to mood, zap away things you don't like, train your personal algorithm, and save products for trips and events.