"I don’t think anyone ever has described me so well. I can't wait to see what clothes I get matched with."

Lara Vanjak, London

"So excited for this! Just took my quiz and it was spot on. Can’t wait to see what comes up for my friends."

Saheedat Abdul, NYC

How PSYKHE Works...

  • You take the test

    In under 3 minutes, you’ll complete the Big Five test, the most respected measure of personality within psychology, with questions supplemented by PSYKHE.

  • We create your personality profile based on 5 key traits

    You’ll receive the results of your unique personality profile in terms of the Big Five traits, key to understanding your personal style and aesthetic preference.

  • Our algorithm uses your personality scores to tailor fashion recommendations

    Our patent-pending AI model predicts what pieces you'll like most from leading fashion retailers so you don't have to wade through pages and pages of stuff.

  • You can also shop by mood, create custom lists, and tune your feed

    You can tweak your results according to mood and how you want to feel, create shortlists for events and holidays, and zap away things you don’t like.

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PSYKHE Features

  • Personalized by Personality

    Shape your own algorithm and see more of what you like, and less of what you don't like.

  • Shop by Mood

    Want to feel happier? More confident? Calmer? Romantic? Discover clothes that trigger these qualities.

  • Global Retailers

    Shop leading fashion brands and retailers all in one place, with product for your personality at the forefront.

  • Fine-Tuning

    Love a product? Click the tick below it to save. Not into it? Click the x and zap it away. These actions are remembered by your algorithm.

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