How does your algorithm work?

We believe that your psychology - your personality - is the biggest factor that influences your personal style. It's why you can look at something and instantly say "that's me" or "that's not me" at a glance, without thinking about it too much.

And so, to provide you with fashion recommendations that feel "you", we ask you take a personality test to use PSYKHE. We want to capture and systemize that you-ness so that you don't have to troll through thousands of products that aren't you.

There are certain connections between personality and style preferences that we know exist - you've probably observed this among the people you know. So, we start out by recommending what we think you might like based on those connections.

Of course, individual style preferences are very nuanced and sometimes complicated. The more you use PSYKHE: look at, save, tune products that you like, the more our AI will ‘get' you - just like building a relationship with a very good stylist.

Patent Pending: United States Patent Application No. 16/897,712; United Kingdom Patent Application No. 2007688.1

What is the "Big 5" model of personality?

There is a branch of psychology, which looks at personality: why we are the way we are. Researchers have spent time trying to devise the best measure of personality, and the "Big 5" emerged as the model widely considered to be the most robust way to describe personality differences. It is the basis of most contemporary personality research.

Abbreviated as OCEAN, the test measures five scales:

  • Openness (inventive/curious vs. consistent/cautious)
  • Conscientiousness (efficient/organized vs. easy-going/disorganized)
  • Extroversion (outgoing/energetic vs. solitary/reserved)
  • Agreeableness (friendly/compassionate vs. self-focused/competitive)
  • Neuroticism (sensitive/emotional vs. steady/optimistic)

You can score from 1-100 on each of the five scales, resulting in a score that is then grouped into High, Moderate-High, Moderate, Moderate-Low, or Low. No one score is better than any other, they blend together for your unique personality.

Researchers have found OCEAN traits to be relatively stable from childhood through adulthood. So, it doesn't matter too much the mood you were in when you took the test. If you answered honestly, the results will be accurate. But if you feel you could have been more forthcoming and would like to retake the test, please do here.

PSYKHE uses the Big Five Inventory-2 items (BFI-2), copyright 2015 by Drs. Oliver P. John and Christopher J. Soto, which has been reprinted with permission. Our fashion recommendation engine and supplemented questions have been independently developed by PSYKHE, and not endorsed by Drs. John and Soto.

Why not the Myers Briggs?

Although the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® "16 personalities" model has gained popularity in mainstream media, it isn't normally used by the scientific community. One reason is low "retest" scores; each time you take it, you can often receive different scores. The second reason is that reducing humanity to 16 types isn't realistic: we're much more nuanced than that. With the Big 5, scores from 1-100 on 5 scales yield millions of specific combinations.

What about menswear — why don't you have men's fashion?

Training an AI to recognize style is tricky and takes some time. At present, our AI model has been trained based on womenswear, which we hope to do again with menswear in the near future. Those interested in menswear, please bear with us and take the personality test by signing up here in the meantime.

Using Our Technology

What do the dot buttons under each product do?

The black and tan buttons below each product are our Tuning buttons. They can be used to fine-tune your product recommendations.

For example, if we got it wrong, and you don't like something we've recommended to you, click on the tan button, where an x will appear on hover. Once selected, you've told your AI that you would like to see less products like this. (Whether it's the shape, color, fabric, print, or brand that you didn't like, over time, our AI will understand.)

But if there is a type of product that you were recommended that you like in particular and want to see more of - say statement sneakers or voluminous skirts - then clicking the black dot with the tick upon hover, will tell your AI to recommend more.

Clicking the black dot will not save the item, it only tunes your results so they're more accurate. To save an item in a list, you'll need to click the heart.

What if I don't love my recommendations and my AI doesn't get me? What's wrong?

While personality scores are a significant factor when it comes to style preferences, why you like certain styles, colors, brands, cuts, could be impacted by other things as well - places you've lived, social circles, your job, or music you like. It's complicated. It could be said that we're trying to turn fashion, and art, into science. And we are.

We try to show you things you like, and weed out things you don't like, based on personality — which as a start, we believe helps a lot! But for some people, this system can initially be imperfect, which is why we've created tuning features so you can tweak your recommendations, and an algorithm that listens and reacts. Over a short time and a bit of feedback, your recommendations will improve.

AI requires a lot of data to work really well, and we're only just launching this ambitious project in hopes of better understanding the science of personal style. We ask you to grow with us and give us feedback. In the future, we hope to also be able to measure other factors, so we can give you increasingly accurate recommendations, but in the meantime, you, early adopter, are our biggest asset.

Accounts & Emails

Do I need an account to use PSYKHE?

You cannot receive personalized recommendations from PSYKHE's AI until you take the personality test, as our model requires your scores to know what you might like. You can still use the filters to browse product, but will not be able to see personalized recommendations.

What do you do with my data?

See our Privacy Policy for further details.

How can I change my profile picture?

You can upload a new picture in your Account page.

Can I retake the test?

At present you can only take the test once per account. When answered honestly, Big 5 test questions are so general, that results have proven to be stable throughout one's lifetime. However, if you feel that you did not answer as accurately as you could have, we recommend you create a new account with a different email address.


Can I shop directly on your site?

You cannot purchase directly on PSYKHE's website. PSYKHE is an aggregator, a fashion recommendation engine that allows you to shop items from global retailers all over the world. Once you click on a product's retailer from its product page, you will be redirected to the retailer's site to place your order. All shipping, delivery, and customer service matters will then be dealt with by the retailer.

Are all featured items in stock?

The information we have about a retailer's stock levels is updated on our system once a day. Sometimes, a popular product may have sold out in the meantime, for which we are sorry. We are working with our partners to carry out automatic stock checks more frequently.

How do I make a wishlist?

You can save products on a Saved page on PSYKHE, much like on Instagram. You can save products you like and might want to buy on one general list, or you can create a custom list.

Custom lists allow you to save products that you might want to get for specific purposes or occasions. For example, we all love creating a capsule for an upcoming trip or holiday. You can call your list by destination: "Miami", "Ibiza", "Palm Springs", or "Positano". Or, you can save products you are shortlisting for a friend's wedding, your birthday, or anything. If you're obsessed with a certain product, like camisoles or leather leggings, you can save by category as well.

Of course, when you save something, PSYKHE's AI learns more about what you like, and your recommendations will become more accurate.

Our Philosophy

What about trends - do you factor those in?

Sure, trends happen when something political, environmental or cultural happens in the world to shift our collective mindset, and so there is still a general reflective creative direction in what comes out in the industry, and in stores.

But at PSYKHE, we believe that we as individuals, only respond to some trends, some colors, some shapes. We admire the style of only some influencers. The magic of fashion lies in these unique differences, which is why we try to only recommend the styles that you'll like, not every single trend.

What about body types - do you factor that in?

We don't want to be prescriptive about what anyone "should" wear based on their body type — ultimately, everyone likes different fits. We prefer to try and recommend products that you'll like based on style, and let you filter down silhouettes from there.

We are also proud to offer size-inclusive options through our select partners. Tick "Size Inclusive" in the left-hand navigation to explore.

What is your stance on sustainability?

We believe that self-knowledge is the antidote to overconsumption. Meaning that when you understand why you like what you like, when you have a deep, strong sense of what's you, which is the experience that PSYKHE aims to provide, you will buy better. We aim to drown out the noise, so you don't feel you should buy anything just because some magazine said it was a must-have. (No florals for spring, unless that's your thing.) We want you to only buy it if you connect with it. If you connect with it, you'll love it and take good care of it.

In terms of the production and supply chain side of sustainability, we are also excited to be partnering with retailers who have vetted brands and products that meet sustainable principles. Tick "Sustainable" in the left-hand navigation to explore.

Learn more in our About section.


Questions or comments? Email us at info@psykhefashion.com.

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